Ntree Labs

Innovations in Customer Management

Ntree products currently in development are designed to extend existing CRM systems in order to elevate performance in high-touch B2C industries such as Financial Services, Insurance, High-tech, Telecom, and Entertainment.

Leads I/O™  •  leads.io
Securely Share Data with CRM Teams

Capture, clean, enhance, and aggregate prospect and client data. Integrate apps and services. Distribute leads and tasks to maximize sales and satisfaction.


React CRM™  •  reactcrm.com
Maximize Productivity with Mobile CRM

Respond to opportunities using a fast, easy-to-use application designed for phones, tablets, and desktops. Track contact activities and schedule follow‑ups.


Salestree®  •  salestree.com
Optimize CRM Performance

Gain insight and improve the performance of your inbound data sources, sales reps and service teams with super‑intuitive, interactive visualizations and charts.