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- Your New Contacts App

Work smarter not harder

Modern, fast, easy-to-use app that works on any device.

To-do lists tailored for your business

Optimize how you work your prospects and customers.

  • Prioritized
  • Customized
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Quickly find new opportunities

Filter based on multiple criteria, create lists and reminders to follow-up later.

  • Flexible
  • Fast
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"Hello, it's Philip from Cambridge. How are you?!"

Your client from 8 years ago calls, he remembers you well. With quick search, deep profiles, notes, and reminders you can be sure to remember him really well.

  • Client Focused
  • Intelligent
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Inspire your team

Track performance and publish leaderboards. Show your team that effort = results.

  • Motivational
  • Customized
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Works Great on Mobile

and Tablets and Desktops too!

  • Intuitive – no training needed
  • Multi-platform – great on phones, tablets, and desktops
  • High-speed – less time waiting and more time selling
  • Intelligent – smart lists that prioritize opportunities
  • Flexible – easy to search and find new opportunities

Sales reps have achieved massive productivity gains since adopting their new Contacts App - on a per rep basis:



Notes & Activities




Sales Revenue


Reps love their new Contacts App and most importantly it is clear to them that it works:

“With our new Contacts App for being so on top of everything, if I used it to the fullest, I could sell 30% more next year is what I'm thinking. The onus is on me!”