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How a $4 billion Canadian financial services company improved their sales productivity by more than 12%

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Darrin Parker
Ntree President
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This financial services client has approximately 600 sales reps that respond to over 1 million contact opportunities per year. We’ve worked with this client for the past 18 years optimizing their sales lead management and allocation processes while ensuring their compliance with industry, telemarketing, and privacy regulations. In the mid-2000s we helped them double their lead-to-sale conversion rates and our client prospered, becoming the dominant company in their industry – a position they still occupy today.

Faster Smarter Prospecting

Over 10 years ago we launched a SaaS application that enabled sales reps to access deep contact profiles, record their notes, and schedule follow-ups with clients and prospective clients. In mid-2017 we replaced that legacy application with a modern take on contact management.

The new Contacts App was designed to be:

  • Intuitive – no training needed
  • Multi-platform – great on phones, tablets, and desktops
  • High-speed – less time waiting and more time selling
  • Intelligent – smart lists that prioritize opportunities
  • Flexible – easy to search and find new opportunities

The goal was to increase the volume and quality of the conversations that reps were having with their contacts, therefore improving rep productivity and increasing sales.

The Results

Sales reps have achieved massive productivity gains since adopting their new Contacts App - on a per rep basis:



Notes & Activities




Sales Revenue


This 12% rise in sales productivity represents over $6 million per year in additional revenue. Sales cycles are lengthy and with the large gain in appointments we expect the sales lift to climb even higher in the future.

The reps love the new app and most importantly it is clear to them that it works:

“With our new Contacts App for being so on top of everything, if I used it to the fullest, I could sell 30% more next year is what I'm thinking. The onus is on me!”

Sales Rep, 2017
How did we do it?

The power of the Contacts App is in its speed and simplicity, but the factors that make it successful and the technologies that bring it to life are very sophisticated. We work closely with our clients to identify all of the relevant leads and events related to clients and prospective clients. The data is captured and loaded in a timely fashion into our real-time data platform - Leads.io.

Leads.io captures data from standard lead sources such as search engines, web sites, marketing partners, traditional ads, etc. The leads are enhanced, filtered for data quality, validated with contact permissions, and matched to existing clients and historical leads in order to build deep, aggregated contact profiles. In addition to standard leads we also identify and load any administrative events that can generate opportunities for valuable client interactions - e.g. missed deposits (or NSFs), child birthdays, up-sell or cross-sell opportunities, account sign-up issues, support cases, etc. Leads.io ensures that the leads and events are delivered to the best rep and automatically organized into smart lists that reps can easily work. The objective is to give the sales rep as many opportunities as possible to have valuable interactions with their clients and prospective clients.

The Contacts App is built with modern technologies to deliver on speed and simplicity - a single page web app framework, modern REST API with caching, and high-speed search technology. An enormous amount of time was spent on usability to make complex data relationships appear simple to the user. Sales reps can slice and dice their contact databases with near-zero wait time, making it easy to find new opportunities and immediately start turning them into sales from their phone, tablet or desktop device.

The Leads.io platform provides data tools and settings to optimize your sales process, and the Contacts App makes your sales teams as efficient as possible so they spend less time on administration and more time talking to clients and prospective clients. The end result is more sales and better client service.