Data Optimization Engine

Improve sales productivity and privacy compliance with better lead data management

Mobilize leads in Your New Contacts App

Grow sales 10-30% with a 20x ROI

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50+ million

Aggregate your leads into prioritized opportunities and unique contacts. Give the best data to the best rep every time.

Leads and customer events processed

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Your New Contacts App

Work smarter, not harder, with a modern Contacts App customized for your business.

  • Intuitive – no training needed
  • Multi-platform – great on phones, tablets, and desktops
  • High-speed – less time waiting and more time selling
  • Intelligent – smart lists that prioritize opportunities
  • Flexible – easy to search and find new opportunities

Make the most out of your data

Validate lead quality. Enhance, prioritize, and distribute your data to the best rep.

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Privacy compliance can actually increase sales productivity

You know that you need to treat your customers well. The same is true for your prospects. You aren't doing yourself any favours by annoying people. Assign them the best rep and contact them how and when they want to be contacted. Sales and Compliance do not have to be at odds with each other.

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  • Wants higher volume of HIGH QUALITY conversations
  • Doesn't want to waste time with bad leads
  • Needs prospects that are open to talking
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  • Wants well informed sales reps doing outreach
  • Doesn't want contact without opt-in permission
  • Needs PIPEDA, CAN-SPAM, and regulatory compliance

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You know that your prospects are your next customers.

But do you know why?

Organizations generate a ton of lead data but they don't have the tools to get the most out of that data. What does your ideal prospect look like? Which sales people are best at closing them? Which lead sources are most effective? We help you figure that out.

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